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What is happening at Colonnelli Brothers

We believe that only well informed associates could become satisfied and loyal partners. Our goal is to keep you; our clients with current information about the development and operations within Colonnelli Brothers.

Colonnelli build another 
dam in New York

Colonnelli Brothers continue work on Beaverdam Lake dam renovation. This $ 5M project for the County of Orange, NY includes major reconstruction to the gravity dam spillway and crest.

Carlstadt drainage project is approaching finish

Excavation and other site work are finishing at Carlstadt to prepare for the set of precast elements of the new headwall, manhole and concrete elliptical pipe. This project includes installation of 30ft long sheeting to secure the construction pit in the middle of the Meadowlands wetlands and set precast elements of almost 80,000 lbs. Talking about the challenge? For us at Colonnelli, this is our daily routine.

Grove street opened ahead of schedule

Right after the Christmas of 2018 Collonnelli have paved the Grove street and opened the county road for traffic. Thanks to our intensive work we were able to open the road 3 months ahead the schedule and improve the commute of many Clifton residents

East Hazelwood Culvert opened for traffic

In October 2018 we have finished works on East Hazelwood Culvert in Rahwey, NJ. This project was specifically challenging due to the heavy traffic on a busy road, that had to be maintained. Over the several months we shifted the traffic patterns multiple times, in order to allow us to finish the project while enabling safe commute for Union County residents.

Codey Arena rink #1
 officialy opened to public

We are delighted to announce that on 11/9/2017 the Codey Arena rink #1 was officially opened to public. Come try the new ice rink built by Colonnelli.

Berkeley Avenue Bridge finished

The $5.2M bridge constructed by Colonnelli Brothers in Bloomfield, Essex County was opened on 5/12/2017. The 116 ft. curved bridge over Second river will help alleviate the traffic and improve the commute of Bloomfield residents.

New 5-year contract with Orange & Rockland

Colonnelli Brothers was awarded with new 5-year multi million contract with Orange & Rockland. We will continue on gradual renovation of electrical and gas utilities grid throughout the counties in order to improve the life quality standard for its residents.

Montebello Road Bridge opened 

Colonnelli just opened new bridge on Montebello Road in Ramapo, Rockland County, NY. This bridge is unique for its stone facing, which was completely restored to maintain the look of original, historical bridge.

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